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Nightmare On Your Side

I wouldn't say that I grieve
But you would never believe
What happens
Inside me

I saw them looking at you
Their necks were following too
I'll break them
With bare hands

All of you weaklings around
I'll raze you all to the ground
You will end
In my hell

For me it will be worthwhile
For every wince I will smile
You will know
What is pain

There is a very thin line
She's there but I'm just behind
You will fall
One by one

I think only
About you
I deny sleep
To see you
I'm everything
Around you
I'm the first one
To hear you

Angel I know that you're right
But there is no room for fright
Nightmare is
On your side

And I have those worms in view
Not worthy to look at you
I'll crash what's
In my way